Around Monteagle

Places to hike around Monteagle

South Cumberland State Park and Sewanee boasts some of the areas best hiking and sightseeing. Visit one of the many trails, waterfalls or caves during your visit.


  • Foster Falls Fiery Gizzard South
  • Bridal Veil Falls Sewanee
  • Greeter Falls Savage Gulf West
  • Savage Falls Savage Gulf East
  • Anderson Falls Fiery Gizzard South
  • Suter Falls Savage Gulf South
  • Horsepound Falls Savage Gulf West
  • Ranger Falls Savage Gulf North
  • Sycamore Falls Fiery Gizzard North
  • Denny Falls Denny Cove
  • Blue Hole Falls Fiery Gizzard North
  • Black Canyon Fiery Gizzard North
  • Hane Hole Falls Fiery Gizzard North

Scenic Overlooks

  • Stone Door Savage Gulf North
  • The Cross Sewanee
  • Piney Point Sewanee
  • Greens View Sewanee
  • Big Creek Rim Savage Gulf North
  • Savage Creek South Savage Gulf East
  • Savage Creek North Savage Gulf East
  • Collins Rim Savage Gulf South
  • Crow Creek Lost Cove East
  • Tom Pack Hollow Lost Cove East
  • Raven Point Fiery Gizzard North
  • Small Wild Fiery Gizzard South

Foster Falls
Foster Falls

Places to Eat

Local Restaraunts:

Mountain Goat Market

High Point

La Bella Pearls

Jim Olivers Smokehouse

Papa Rons

Top of the Rock

Best Attractions in Monteagle

Mountain Goat Trail

The Caverns

Bigfoot Adventure Zipline

Mountain Goat Trail

The University of the South

Mountain Outfitters

South Cumberland State Park


Monteagle Cabin
Tabitha & Oliver

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